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Membership categories - renewals

Active (Bronze Holder)             $60
Active Reserve                          $60
Long Service Member              $60
Award Member                         $60

Probationary Member
(Training for Bronze)                 $120
(Training for SRC)                      $90
(new to the club, includes training, manual, administration, uniform, membership for one season)

Cadet 13-15 years
(Holds SRC and does patrol)     $45

Junior Activity member              
(Under 8 to under 14 years)      $45
Parents of Junior’s (8-15)           $70
Associate Member                    $70

Associate Member Holding
Committee Position                   $60

Red & Gold Surf Rescue

This is not a shirt. This is a portal through which we pass.
This is not material; this is fabric that binds us together.
This is not a souvenir; this is a reminder of all who have worn it before us.
This is not yellow; this is a beacon for the preservation of life.
This is not a uniform; this is a community unified.
This is not a shirt worn in isolation; this is a shirt worn as one team.
This is success and failure, but selfless in its intent …..
This is EVERYTHING but a ‘shirt’


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