North Palm Beach

    Found just over an hour’s drive from the centre of Sydney, Palm Beach is home to the city’s most northerly stretch of sand, nestled on a landmark peninsula, it is blessed with a unique contrast of lush green bushland. Sweeping south from Barrenjoey Head, the beach’s golden sands and sparkling blue waters are ideal for relaxing, strolling, swimming, surfing and sailing. Surrounded by stunning homes on the headland at one end and Barrenjoey Lighthouse on the other. Fans of Home & Away will recognise parts of the beach as 'Summer Bay', with North Palm Beach SLSC (aka Summer Bay Surf Club) and visit the Boathouse Café, Alf’s Bait Shop, Palm Beach Rock Pools and you may see filming of the show. The eastern side is ideal for surfing, whilst the western side has much calmer waters. In between you will find a reserve with a playground, BBQs and picnic tables. Metred parking is available in a car park by the beach and unlimited parking in surrounding streets. Visit Summer Bay Kiosk that is part of the surf club and there are several cafes near the beach, along with the golf club. Don’t forget to visit Boathouse Home, which you are sure to find a beautiful item to take home with you.

    The northern section of Palm Beach boasts great surfing conditions, while the southern end of the beach offers a protected environment for swimming. It houses a 35m ocean pool ideal for laps or paddling with children in the shallow end.

    Palm Beach is 2.3 km long east-facing beach that curves in a gentle arc between the prominent 100 m high, lighthouse capped, Barrenjoey Head to the sandstone rocks of Little Head in the south, beach linking Barrenjoey to the mainland.

    North Palm Beach extends 1.4 km south from Barrenjoey, with the northern 600 m backed by a 200 m wide densely vegetated fore dune. The North Palm Beach SLSC (founded in 1945) (aka Summer Bay Surf Club) and is located 1 km south of the head in the centre of a large beachfront park and car park, with the Palm Beach golf course behind on the Pittwater side. 

    The northern beach is well exposed to southerly waves, which average 1.5 m and maintain a rip-dominated surf zone with up to 15 rips along the entire beach. Includes a strong permanent rip against Barrenjoey. The southern Palm Beach section includes the southern 600 m of beach, which curves to the southeast in the southern Kiddies Corner. It receives increasing protection from Little Head with waves decreasing in height down the beach. Rips usually extend all the way to the head, though usually smaller in size, with a weak permanent rip against the southern rocks. The southern end has a long history of usage with the Palm Beach SLSC founded in 1921, following a tragic drowning in 1920. During moderate to high swell all rips intensify and produce hazardous swimming conditions.

    Leave only footprints

    There is a saying ‘when you leave the beach the only thing you leave behind is your footprints’ More information here.

    North Palm Beach SLSC Entity

    Since 1946….
    Our club exists for the benefit of the members and to protect the community visiting North Palm Beach, Barrenjoey and Pittwater.

    Our club operates as part of a larger cooperative of surf clubs that provide surf lifesaving services at beaches and other locations throughout Australia. Our club recognises that the strength of the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia is built upon the volunteer club structure supported by the various branch, state and national sections of the organisation. The club is committed to maintaining the professional ethos of the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia and to enhancing the valuable, trusted and respected role that surf lifesaving plays in the community. The club is also committed to looking after the best interests of its members.

    Our volunteer lifesavers patrol from late September until end of April each year. If you are visiting the beach please remember to always Swim Between the Red & Yellow Flags. The lifesavers are very approachable, so please if you need assistance just ask them for help. 


    North Palm Beach is one of Sydney's more hazardous swimming spots owing to the persistent and often strong rips, which result in an average of 148 rescues each year. Only swim in the patrolled area and between the flags. If assistance is needed please approach the Lifesavers as they are their for your safety.


    Most popular are the many beach breaks, best in the north and centre during summer, and usually better to the south in the larger winter swells and southerly winds. During bigger southeast swell a reasonable right runs off the southern point out over the sand bars. The southern kiddies corner is where the novices try their luck at mastering the art of surfing. A very popular spot all year round.


    There are extensive rock platforms around the base of Barrenjoey and Little Head, together with the persistent rip gutters along North Palm Beach. Gutters are less frequent down the beach, however the easily accessed southern rocks tend to be more protected and popular.


    Follow a scenic trail to the historic Barrenjoey Lighthouse and keeper’s cottages to enjoy picturesque views across neighbouring suburbs and out to sea. The Barrenjoey Lighthouse stands tall and proud on the highest point of Barrenjoey Headland, the most northern tip of the Palm Beach Peninsula, part of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The heritage listed sandstone lighthouse, at 113 metres above sea-level, was built in 1881 and has been an iconic Sydney attraction for many years. More information

    General Information

    Barbeques, disabled toilets, electric bbq, picnic area, playground, public toilets, rockpool, showers, surf lifesaving club. Conditions - Good swimming and body surfing conditions. Strong shore break at times. Excellent surfing conditions at the north end. Good surfing breaks along the beach. Best in North Easterly winds.

    Photos, Stand up paddleboarder catches a morning wave at Palm Beach, Views of Barrenjoey Lighthouse Palm Beach from Palm Beach Rockpool, Couple enjoying a scenic coastal hike on the Barrenjoey Lighthouse credit, Destination NSW, Aerial shot Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Boathouse, Aerial Shot of Palm Beach credit Google Images & ocean shots credit Courtney Gold Photography